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Automotive Workwear: Meeting Your Work Wear Needs –


Automotive Workwear: Meeting Your Work Wear Needs

At Automotive Workwear, we supply you with the garments you need to get the job done. Whether you need sturdy Red Kap work apparel for the garage, or flame resistant secondary protection to meet safety requirements, or security uniforms, we offer the right workwear for you.

We offer a number of different brands to ensure that your workwear needs are met. Red Kap is our most popular brand, well known for their long history of providing quality workwear “done right,” specifically for the automotive industry. However, their garments have come to be known and loved in many other industries as well. Automotive workwear is just one of the many uniform and work apparel needs that we are able to supply. We offer a wide variety of Red Kap options, including shirts, pants, coveralls, and more. Bulwark is another well trusted brand that we offer. Bulwark is a leader in flame resistant technology, creating garments that offer secondary protection for workers in the oil and gas industry, as well as electric utilities, and manufacturing. Our flame resistant work apparel includes shirts, pants, coveralls, sweatshirts, and more. Those in the security sector will be interested in our Horace Small garments, which include a variety of shirts and outerwear. We also offer a number of Wrangler garments, which are a great choice for maintaining a professional appearance in jobs such as contracting. We are proud to announce that we now also offer Timberland Pro work boots and shoes. You can see all of our options on our website.

Volume Pricing

Along with providing automotive workwear and uniforms to the average worker for amazing prices, we offer volume pricing for companies looking to outfit their whole crew. Usually volume pricing is offered when ordering 35 or more of a garment. Choose the garments you would like on our website, and look to see if it is offered at volume pricing. If you’re unsure, contact a customer service representative to get a quote. Some of the garments that we offer at volume pricing include security shirts, chef coats, and, of course, automotive workwear. If you have any questions, we are always happy to answer them.

Custom Embroidery

Adding custom embroidery to your work apparel is a great way to brand your business, and maintain a professional image. In the automotive industry, adding your company logo and employee name to work shirts and jackets can be a great way to earn a customer’s trust. We offer custom embroidery on all of our garments, including our flame resistant garments. We use a flame resistant thread to ensure the safety of the garment. Along with custom embroidery, you can choose to add custom striping. You can find different options on our website, and you can always call a customer service representative to find out how to add embroidery and/or striping to your order.

At Automotive Workwear, we strive to provide you with reliable and speedy customer service, and quality uniforms and work apparel that work as hard as you do. Browse through the many options on our website, or search for a specific item using the search bar. With the many trusted brands we offer, excellent pricing, and customizing options, you’re sure to find just what you need.