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Naza Automotive: U.S. Market Possible?

Naza Automotive: U.S. Market Possible?

Malaysia does not conjure up thoughts with car enthusiasts as being an automotive powerhouse. Indeed, many of the cars built in this burgeoning Southeast Asian nation are manufactured in cooperation with more known brands including Volkswagen and Kia. That may all be changing soon as Malaysia’s top auto manufacturers start building more models containing their own content. One manufacturer, Naza Automotive Manufacturing, is doing just that by releasing a pair of models this month that will be Malaysian designed and will utilize local materials. How could this move prove to be important to American motorists? Well, just as several Chinese manufacturers have designs on bringing cheaply priced cars to the U.S., Malaysian automakers may soon follow. Likely, you have never heard of Naza, but keep an eye on the world auto scene as Naza and at least one other Malaysian automaker, Proton, rush to develop cars explicitly designed for the lucrative U.S. market.

Naza, is not likely to be a name easily forgotten, but for two different reasons: the first, is the automaker’s similarity to “Nazi” and the second, because the company will soon be building its own cars for the expanding Malaysian market. Previously, Kia cars were the company’s chief product built, with a Peugeot model also planned for release. Now, according to corporate sources, the company will be building two of its own models, a 1.1L powered car called the NX01 and a slightly larger model, the NX02.

Despite the similarity to the notorious word Nazi, the company is also known as NAM and could use that latter name for export once capacity has been met for the home market. NAM officials, along with its chief national competitor, Proton, will certainly be studying the coming release of Chinese cars to the American market. If Chinese cars are successful abroad, look for NAM and Proton models built at newly created Malaysian manufacturing plants to be exported as well. This move could put additional price pressure on the U.S. market as another source of cheaply priced cars enters our market. At the same time, Malaysia could use the financial boost of exporting a potentially lucrative product overseas.

Yes, the American automotive market is changing as is Malaysia’s auto industry. Perhaps, Ford or GM will work with Naza and help bring in certain models to fill out their own lines. More than likely this won’t happen and Naza will go it alone. Regardless, American consumers are likely to benefit in the form of more choices and with low new car prices at least in the entry level segment.

Shade Tree Automotive Diagnostics And Care – Part III – Smell No Evil

Shade Tree Automotive Diagnostics And Care – Part III – Smell No Evil

Learning a little more about how to better care for your vehicles is a good idea for any number of reasons. It allows you to know if an unscrupulous mechanic is attempting to gouge you on your repairs – and that will save you money. It can prevent you from making unnecessary repairs – and that will save you money. It can help you locate a problem and fix it early, thus saving more money – sometimes a whole lot of money. It allows you to be more independent in an era where people are entirely too dependent on others to survive.

We need to get started now, so that we have time to cover everything…

It may sound strange that smelling your vehicle can be a useful maintenance activity, but believe me it is. And I’m not just talking about needing to buy one of those cute little green trees that permeate every inch of your vehicle’s interior with the smell of pine – or something like that. Actually, you really already do this in at least one instance – the smell of gasoline. And we’ll cover that herein.

Let’s begin with the smell of smoke. If your vehicle is smoking anywhere at any time it’s time to get some service – immediately. It doesn’t matter if you smell the smoke, or see it – you need to deal with the problem ASAP. Smoke coming from anywhere is never ‘okay’ in a vehicle, though you may just have some spilled fluids on a hot engine surface, or some oil that splashed into your wheel assembly. No matter – get it checked and make sure.

The smell of gas is most often associated with a flooded engine: too much gas for the spark to ignite. The gas sits in the engine, and the odor becomes more noticeable for a short time, and then starts to rapidly dissipate. This tends to happen only when you are starting the engine. The smell of gas at any other time, or the constant smell of gas is indicative of another type of problem, and one that is potentially serious, or dangerous: a leak in the fuel system. You should have this checked out by a qualified mechanic as soon as possible.

The smell of rotten eggs, usually associated with sulfur or burning sulfur, is likely a problem with your catalytic converter. Servicing a catalytic converter is highly technical, and will require the attention of a trained technician or mechanic. You should make an appointment for your vehicle as soon as possible. A maladjusted or failing catalytic converter can be costing you precious mileage!

The smell of burning bread, sometimes referred to as ‘burnt toast,’ is most often associated with an electrical short circuit or possibly the burning/melting of the insulation around the affected wires, fuses, or connections. If there are any secondary signs, then you should not run the engine until a qualified technician resolves the issue. Left unchecked, electrical shorts can affect many of the systems in your vehicle.

A sweet odor, especially when mixed with the smell of hot rubber, usually means there’s a coolant leak, or a problem with the cooling system. If you are driving, stop and visually check the engine and the radiator. Driving a vehicle with an overheated engine can do untold damage to all sorts of things, and turn a simple repair with a modest cost into a nightmarish expense that prevents you from using your vehicle for days, or even weeks.

The smell of burning oil is a pungent, acrid stench that can be very slight, or quite pronounced. In either case, you need to check your engine to make sure you don’t have an oil leak, and also to ensured that you have the recommended amount of oil in your engine. Usually, the smell of burning oil is something minor, such as a small spill on the engine, a slight overflow that got blown onto a hot engine part, or low engine oil. Be sure that when you change your engine oil you insist on an Engine Sentry®.

Okay, you’ve completed the final step in becoming a full-fledged automotive diagnostician – or something like that, anyway. You’ve definitely gotten your vehicle in much better condition, and you should have learned a thing or two to keep it running great for a long time to come. If you haven’t already, check out Part I – See No Evil, and Part II – Hear No Evil.

The Classic Automotive Product The Ford Model A Motor Auto

The Classic Automotive Product The Ford Model A Motor Auto

Creating a replacement for the phenomenally successful; Model T Ford will always be recognized as one of the toughest tasks in all the entire history of the automobile industry. Later successes in an established industry are always easier – the groundwork has been done. It is early on in the marketing cycle of a car , an industry or a sales territory is where the greatest efforts are usually required and the results success or failure are more dramatic. Mr. Henry Ford was confident and eccentric enough to want the Tin Lizzie to remain in production forever. Announced in 1908, the machine that put the world on wheels was destined to notch up just over 15 million sales before Mr. Ford accepted the fact a new model was vital and essential.

“Sixty-four today and the biggest job of my life is ahead” Ford exclaimed as work began on the Model A, which was given the designation as the first car ever produced by his company , back in 1903. Believe it or not Ford Model T production ended nearly six months before the first of the newcomers was delivered : the hiatus appearing all the more extraordinary when you appreciate was then a one model automotive car company. In terms of cars for sale; the immense River Rouge plant built nothing for the almost a half of 1928.

Although far more complex than its predecessor , the parts count was 40 % higher, and most of these automotive components were new – the Model A is a miracle of simplicity by today’s modern standards – mechanical and of course electronic. Today’s vintage classic car fans appreciate the fact the Model A was designed to be fixed by blacksmiths of what was then the outback wilds of North Dakota. Key features of the Model A vehicle included a traditional frame-type suspension, transverse leaf springs, front and rear hydraulic dampers, a conventional ignition system, a safety-glass windshield, and a brake for each wheel. Like the Tin Lizzie, the newcomer was offered with an assortment of two door and door bodies, from a roadster and phaeton to sedan and taxi. Prices started at $ 460 in 1928.

It has been said about driving a Ford Model T that the driver should forget almost everything that they know about and are familiar with driving. For a driver sitting at the wheel of a Model T it is as if he is a driving novice. The only thing rather conventional about the setup for driving a Model T is the steering wheel. Not so with a Ford Model A. Anyone who can handle a standard manual transmission with proficiency need have no qualms about driving the Model A. The 3.3 liter engine’s four cylinders provide strong torque at very low engine revs, so there is no need to work up on down the three speed transmission. When one does, the shift’s silent simplicity will make you wonder why a vintage Bentley’s “cogs” can be so difficult to master.

The Ford Model A can maintain a cruising speed of 50 miles and hour with top bursts to a maximum of 65 miles per hour. This is all the more amazing when one considers that the engine is a 40 horsepower 4 cylinder engine running at 2200 revolutions per minute (rpm).

The Model A was remarkable in that it set a new standard with high quality that provided a rugged , more than reliable and characterful motoring , in an economical fashion all in return for more than a sensible amount for purchase price of an automotive product of its time from the market leader of its day – The Ford Motor Company.

Using Automotive Touch-Up Paint

Using Automotive Touch-Up Paint

Here’s news you may want to brush up on: Using touch-up paint on your car can be an inexpensive way to protect its value. Some scratches can remove all the paint down to the metal and the area can begin to rust, causing permanent damage.

There are several choices for applying touch-up paint. Spray cans can be used for large areas and with patience and practice you can achieve excellent results. For smaller chips and scratches, you can brush the paint or use a paint pen. Often, a paint pen will be easier to apply to very small chips, as you can apply the paint more precisely.

Women find using touch-up paint is easy because they have had so much practice applying nail polish. In fact, according to paintscratch.com, some women have even painted their nails with automotive touch-up paint to match their vehicles.

The easiest place to find touch- up paint is on the Web. First you have to know your color code. There are sites where the paint colors are broken down by year, make and model, so finding your color code is easy. With the correct paint and good instructions, applying touch-up paint should be no more difficult than coloring your nails.

With the right paint and good instructions, applying touch-up paint to your car can be as easy as coloring your nails.

Is An Automotive Franchise For You?

Is An Automotive Franchise For You?

Have you always had a passion for cars? And often thought of having your own business? The time is now to check out the many automotive franchise opportunities available with little start up investment and plenty of rewarding benefits. The number of franchises is increasing as more consumers realize the great earning potential and appeal of becoming a business owner. There are many automotive franchises available catering to various kinds of car maintenance, repair and sales depending on your individual preference and interest.

With franchise opportunities ranging from windshield repair, oil changes, auto parts and even automotive insurance, there is sure to be one that is right for you. While there are several considerations in determining which automotive franchise would be the most suitable, the benefits of purchasing your own franchise are clearly favorable. Just imagine how satisfying it would be to go to work each day knowing that you are your own boss and the business that you operate is your own.

Which Automotive Franchise is the One for You?

There are many factors that might be important as you decide if an automotive franchise is the kind of business that you want to purchase. If you enjoy the busy shop atmosphere and have a special interest in cars and the many aspects of the automotive industry, a franchise in which you can invest and build a solid, long-lasting business that is car-related, may be the one you are looking for.

As well as the general type of franchise, you may also want to know what kind of investment and initial start-up costs are associated with purchasing an auto franchise. Many of the top car franchises available require minimal up front costs. For example, a Novus Glass Windshield Repair franchise has initial investment costs starting at only $14,900. This is very affordable and provides limited risk when you consider the popularity of this kind of franchise and the potential business and profit as it grows over time. If you are more interested in automotive accessories, you could purchase a Millennium Plus franchise in which you become a GPS distributor with an initial investment of just $10,000 and you can even run your business from your own home!

While there are many automotive franchises available at very reasonable investment costs, there are also plenty of other franchises that offer solid and proven earning potential with the added assurance of owning your own business and boasting a brand name service. The initial start-up costs may vary but the decision to become a franchise owner puts you in a very advantageous position from day one. Since today’s consumer often seeks businesses with familiar names and a good reputation, a franchise may be a wise investment since the brand name provides an immediate client base. Although there is definitely a great deal of work and determination necessary to build your franchise into a strong and thriving venture, you need not start from scratch as you would with a non-franchise business.

Other Important Considerations

Deciding on the particular auto franchise may be one of your first considerations but learning about various other aspects of having your own business may be just as important. Being a franchise owner has a number of benefits. From taking advantage of the franchise name, to the potential income potential, the benefits are many.

When you purchase an automotive franchise, you automatically access a complete and proven business operating system that covers virtually all aspects of operating that particular franchise. Essentially, the framework is already in place and the franchise will provide extensive instruction and support before, during and after your purchase. After all, it is their name and reputation that comes with your franchise and all legitimate franchisors want to ensure that your business represents their company in a strong and positive way. Their ongoing interest and training keeps you on top of the latest franchise information and up-to-date with any changes or new company initiatives.

Franchise owners pay pre-determined “royalties” to the franchisors depending on the size and income related to the car franchise. Before purchasing your own, make sure that you discuss all these operating details and get it in writing. Reputable franchisors will have no issues in providing this information and will be very willing to explain the system fully and answer any questions that you may have about any of the business aspects of your auto franchise. There are also some legal considerations as well and these should be reviewed carefully as you decide whether your own automotive franchise is the business for you.

Location is another consideration that may be crucial in determining if a car franchise is feasible as well. Some of the current franchises available may be operated from your own home. So you must decide whether you have adequate space and if it would be possible to run your own business with your home as central base. Some of the bigger franchises require a larger location that would not be appropriate as a home based business. Automotive franchises such as a Meineke Car Care Center or Eagle Transmission involve greater space requirements and significant amounts of equipment that would simply not be suitable for a business at home.

Something to Think About

Is an automotive franchise in your future? The benefits are clear as the strong base and proven potential for success in franchise ownership in the industry gains attention worldwide. Making the decision to purchase your own franchise is indeed a huge responsibility but it may also be the answer to your desire to experience business ownership and the ability to work for yourself.

Ultimately, an automotive franchise has many attractive features and it is definitely a franchise that could generate a significant amount of business since most consumers own or operate vehicles. So, the need is there. An automotive franchise may be a great way to tap into that earning potential. If becoming a business owner in the automotive industry appeals to you, a franchise may be exactly the way to a bright and profitable future!

Online Automotive Supplies

Online Automotive Supplies

When you were a kid, there was a neighbourhood mechanic who took care of all your family’s automotive woes. Maybe you would tag along with your parents to the corner garage, where fan belts, spark plugs and tins of coolant were the extent of the supplies needed to get back on the road.

Times have changed and today, the automotive supply business has grown to become one of the world’s most profitable industries. Automobile manufacturers are constantly under pressure to churn out unique new models. As a result, the automotive supply industry has grown every year to keep up with the demand for new parts to fix these new vehicles. The increased demand has also created an increase in supply. Many entrepreneurial people have opened their own supply shops to cater to the ever-increasing number of automobile owners and enthusiasts. Drivers want the best quality money can buy, and suppliers are happy to oblige with high quality components, parts and systems. It sometimes seems that when it comes to car supplies, money is no object.

Many of the automotive parts and component suppliers are involved in the distribution of original equipment manufacture (OEM) parts. In order to remain competitive against lower priced after-market competitors, these OEM dealers will often provide discounts on original and second hand parts. Thanks to the Internet, these suppliers are able to reach a massive market.

Internet Automotive Supply Stores
Car owners and enthusiasts want dependable automotive suppliers who can provide secure, dependable service, good quality and good selection; and of course, they want it all at a discounted price. If prices are too high or the product isn’t up to par, these demanding consumers can and will easily take their business elsewhere.

No longer do local drivers visit the neighbourhood garage or automotive supply store for parts. Today’s complicated vehicles demand a huge selection of intricate parts to stay running at full capacity — or just to stay running at all. The mom and pop corner shops of yesteryear just don’t offer the quality or the selection that the market demands today. As a result, automotive consumers are shopping around the world — on the Internet — to find exactly what they need.

Countless online automotive suppliers have flooded the Internet with options. It’s a welcome shift in the industry that favors suppliers and consumers alike. With an online presence that literally opens them up to the global market, automotive suppliers now have a virtually limitless market, resulting in equally limitless profits. At the same time, consumers are now able to access a world of selection. The option to shop from suppliers around the world means consumers can find the parts they need at more affordable prices.

Get the Most From Internet Automotive Suppliers
Like all industries, the arrival of the Internet brought big changes to automotive suppliers. Consumers can log on and find exactly what they need, with a world of possibilities right at their fingertips. Any and every type of automotive part can be found online, usually at reduced prices, and these parts can be easily shipped anywhere in the world. To access this incredible global market, consumers simply log in and enter a search for the specific parts they require.

In seconds, thousands of website listings are immediately posted. There are major automotive suppliers, and there are names relatively unheard of. As with any e-commerce industry, selecting a reputable automotive supplier online should always be the number one priority. Consumers must always remember that the Internet is a huge place; for every trusted and authorized dealer, there are unscrupulous distributors just waiting to take someone’s money. For this reason, choosing to deal with a well-known name can be a safer bet, for both better quality and more helpful service. One must purchase discount automotive supplies from unknown dealers with great caution; they may send the wrong parts, no parts at all or worse of all, faulty parts that can cause irreparable further damage to your vehicle.

It is possible to get a great deal on the Internet. As with any product, shop around to be sure you’re getting good quality, trusted service and a fair price.

The Automotive Industry And 2008 – What Will The Future Hold?

The Automotive Industry And 2008 – What Will The Future Hold?

Rising fuel prices, unstable financial markets and taxation changes with the apparent aim of getting us to use our cars less often (or at least pay more to use them) have been just some of the issues that have affected the automotive industry in the past 12 months. This article looks at what 2008 may hold for the automotive industry and road users in general.

The US economy and the resulting weakness of the dollar looks like it may well contribute to the price of crude oil continuing to rise as investors have been holding the commodity instead of dollars. This means that as the cost of a barrel of crude oil comes close to the $100 figure then so fuel prices have also continued to rise.

So do higher fuel costs mean we are likely to buy or use cars, vans and Lorries less in 2008? Well seemingly not based on a latest poll of motorists. Despite fuel prices increasing at alarming rates a whopping 79 percent of motorists questioned said they had not changed their petrol and fuel buying habits and had no plans to do so. In fact the motorists questioned said petrol prices would have to increase at even more alarming rates to stop them from filling up.

Environmental issues would it seem not be as important as governments throughout the world as over 1 in 3 motorists confirmed they had no plans to replace their vehicles for more environmentally friendly cars before 2010.

And so if motorists are seemingly unaffected by rising fuel costs and are prepared to continue driving despite increased road tax and the impact on the environment surely positive times are ahead for the industry in 2008?

Well before car manufacturers and dealers start doing cartwheels, caution would certainly be advised as whilst General Motors can seen promising performance in emerging markets they have seen big losses in both American and European markets.

And with the world economy in such an uncertain state as 2007 draws to a close 2008 could well see new car sales fall with used car sales increasing. Car sales and indeed sales of all types are also likely to increase via the internet in 2008 so car dealers (new and used) without an internet presence should really be looking at establishing themselves in this emerging marketplace.

And what of the actual motorist, what does 2008 have in store for us? Well how about further increases in vehicle tax, more toll roads, increased congestion charges and still a seeming lack of a viable alternative to road use through reliable, clean and safe public transport.

The good news for some motorists on one front is that whilst the government is seemingly do all they can to penalise the motorist, insurance premiums including car insurance, van insurance and motor trade insurance are pretty stable. In fact with such competition in the insurance industry the cost of insurance like combined motor trade insurance could even fall and savings could be made.

And motor traders who are looking to make savings on their motor trade insurance premiums in 2008 using a specialist insurance broker could well be the route to take to make sure they get the protection they need at a price that is right.

Winter Outdoor Shopping For Automotive Essentials

Winter Outdoor Shopping For Automotive Essentials

Winter can pose many hazards to people that must leave the confines of home and venture out into icy conditions on roadways and into cold weather temperatures that could make shopping almost impossible. To make winter outdoors shopping more bearable, many townspeople will go outdoors shopping for salt spreaders that will keep the roadways near their home free of ice. Some town governments might go winter outdoors shopping and buy snow plows to clear the roadways everywhere.

People that live in areas where snow falls most of the year will get quite accustomed to going winter outdoors shopping even if it is summer or springtime. The items that they are intent on buying are those that will winterize the house and the items that they will be intent on buying are the ones that are designed to keep the warm air inside the home during winter, and ones that keep the cold inside the house during the summer. People will purchase weather stripping to keep drafts out of any room in the house at all times of the year.

People who live in rugged terrain areas need to have certain essentials in the car when they leave the house after a deep snowfall. If the automobile has been outside for a while, there is a good possibility that the electronic jump starter bought on an winter outdoors shopping trip will come in very handy when the automobile owner tries to crank it up and leave the driveway to get more shopping done before the Christmas holiday arrive.

Some winter outdoor shopping trips will be earmarked for buying things that will keep the family warm and safe, should the car break down on an isolated roadway. Some engines might not freeze up if the automobile owner had thought ahead and purchased an engine heater when the car was purchased many years before. Even if the automobile did break down, the heated cushions on the car seats could make things seem quite cozy until help arrives in the knick of time.

The automobile is a great asset to own but some things that are purchased on winter outdoor shopping expeditions will make owning it even more enjoyable. People can find great bargains on ski racks at internet retail sites and have enough money left over to make the ski resort reservations into two rooms or more. The wintertime provides sports enthusiasts with many opportunities to own gear that makes playing in the snow a brand new experience each year.

People that love playing in the snow might use the outdoor shopping sales to buy snowmobiles, snowboards and snow shoes to keep out the chill. Every snowmobile will have its own cover because the winter outdoor sales priced them with great discounts. A recreational vehicle owner might use the sales ads in winter to buy RV covers and a new set of windshield wiper blades. These items are all essential to vehicles be ready for the road when the idea of a ski trip happens one weekend.

Buying Used Cars Tips

Buying Used Cars Tips

If you planed to buy an used car, it is important not only to find the car you like but you may also need to take some precautions like checking the car history, taking a test drive, knowing its book value or taking an extended warranty.

Check the car’s history

An essential factor when car browsing is to learn the car’s history. This entails finding a reliable source as to whether the automobile has ever been flooded or involved in an automobile accident. Before agreeing to buy used cars, consumers may obtain a CarFax report at www.carfax.com or by requesting that their local dealer provide a copy. There is a minimal fee involved in acquiring the report, but the findings are invaluable. For instance, the number of owners and the title status are both included in a CarFax report.

Take a drive test

Generally, used cars buyers will be permitted to take a test drive and also may think about requesting permission to take the automobile to a trusted mechanic for an additional inspection. The best way to confirm that the automobile is in the condition as stated is to take it to a mechanic, who can properly inspect used cars and locate any underlying problems. Even if most used cars are exactly as stated, when auto safety and any amount of money is involved, there is no room for error in judgment.

Know the car value

Before buying any used car, it is important to be familiar with the value of the vehicle. One way to determine an accurate value is through the use of Kelly Blue Book (www.kbb.com) and their extensive pricing system. By entering specific information about an automobile, consumers will receive instant value estimates online. In order to get an accurate value, consumers must know the make and model of the automobile, current mileage, additional features and overall condition.

Ask for an extended warranty

It may also be possible to purchase an extended warranty when you buy an used car. Because the original warranty has already expired on most previously owned vehicles, this option is available for the consumer who wants to make sure their purchase is covered. It is important to realize that the warranty is not automatically included in the sticker. In fact, the consumer should ask the dealer specifically about purchasing an extended warranty. More often than not, an extended warranty can be added into the total cost and may even be included in the financing.

Keep Your Automotive Tools Handy

Keep Your Automotive Tools Handy

Now that you have your own car, it is important that you do have the right automotive tools in handy. This is because you would never know when your car might act up and you would need to do some adjustments or repairs yourself. You should have a set of the basic and the most used automotive tools for car owners. These automotive tools should be kept handy either in a car repair kit or box inside your car or even in your car’s trunk.

One of the first things that you should purchase for your car’s tool kit would be an adjustable wrench. This tool has the ability to actually automatically adjust to the size of the nut and could loosen or tighten everything. You should shell out around $10 to $40 for this one.

You should include a continuity tester. It is an electrical test equipment. You can use this to check if there is an electrical path that can be made between two points. This is good for testing electrical parts in your car. This should cost you around $3 to $40.

For around $1.50 each, you should get a couple of funnels. This should help you out greatly in adding fluids and oils in your car. Make sure that you clean them after using them and also make sure that you use only one funnel for each fluid. For example, you should only use one funnel for adding brake fluid. Never use this funnel to add oil or washer fluid.

Do not forget to put in a car jack. You should spend around $9 for this one. You should use this in case you need to change your tires. This is one of the indispensable items that you should not forget to include in your automotive tool kit.