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Man Gets On One Knee At Girlfriends Surprise Birthday Party, Then She Goes Silent And Faints


Ayoung man placed a bright-blue blindfold over his girlfriend’s eyes and led her through a park.

Heplaced her in front of a fireplace and backed away, telling her to remove the blindfold. The woman, who isnamed Brittany Hillard, removed the blindfold and was instantly bombarded with screams from friends and family.

In the video below, posted on June 23, 2014, the crowd yells “Surprise!”

Brittanysmiles from ear to ear and asks, “What is this?”

She laughs and her boyfriend in blue walks over to hug her. She’s a little confused as her friends and family meet to hug her one by one. Apparently, her birthday had already passed, but everyone assures her it’s just a late surprise.

Her boyfriend announces that the birthday girl surprised him with car headlights to celebrate Best Friends Forever Day. “I had to get her something, so I figured that I would just do this,” he says, getting down on one knee and pulling out a tiny silver box.

“Marry me,” he says to his girlfriend as he pops open the container to reveal a sparkly ring.

Suddenly, the beautiful moment takes quite an unexpected turn.

Brittanyglances down at the ring in her boyfriend’s hand and immediately faints to the ground without any warning.

Everyone rushes to her side to help her up. After she faints, it’s clear that maybe all of these surprises are too much to handle for one afternoon. Luckily, the birthday girl is OK. She eventually stands on her own two feet again, meaning her boyfriend can try the proposal one more time.

To see the shocking moment for yourself and find out what her answer is check out the video below, and pleaseSHARE this story if you’re happy that everything turned out well for this beautiful couple!

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