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Hershey filled this student’s car with thousands of Kit Kats after his got stolen



National Candy Day may be today, but one student at Kansas State University will be celebrating candy for the next several months.

Hunter Jobbins recently found an apology note in his car from someone who stole a Kit Kat bar out of the cupholder of his unlocked car. Jobbins tweeted the note and quickly went viral.

“Kit Kat reached out to me and said they wanted to send me some replacements,” Jobbins told USA TODAY College. “So I got a box in the mail with a card saying ‘Saw your Kit Kat got stolen, hopefully this makes up for it.’ It was really nice of them to do that.”

Little did he know one box of Kit Kats was just the beginning.

On Thursday, Kit Kat filled Jobbins’ car with 6,500 bars, which he handed out around campus.

kit kats

Hunter Jobbins with his Kit Kat motherlode. (The Hershey Company)

“It was crazy. I honestly didn’t think any students would show up. I passed out around 4,000 to 5,000 Kit Kats, probably,” he said. But, he made sure to leave himself enough to get him “through the rest of the year.”

Although Jobbins said initially he was angry that someone essentially broke into his car, he quickly realized the humor of the situation.

“I thought about it for a little bit, and I thought, ‘I think a few friends might think this is funny too, so I’m just going to put it on Twitter and see if anybody thinks this is as funny as I do,’” he said. “I was just in shock the whole time because I didn’t expect any of that to happen.”

One tweet launched him into a crazy, unforgettable experience. The only thing missing? Jobbins said it would be “his next dream come true” to find out who took the Kit Kat from his car.

“I would love to know who did this!” he said.

Christy Osler is a Boston University student and a USA TODAY College digital producer.

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