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What This Chipotle Customer Apparently Found In Her Meal Will Scar You


You might not want to read this before you pick up your next meal.

Over the weekend, a Chipotle customer tweeted photos ofwhatappears to bean entire chicken’s foot in aburrito bowl. Thereare two close-ups in thetweet, so don’t worry, you get the full gross-out experience. Are you ready to see it? Here we go.

Told you it was gag-inducing.

In response to Rox’s tweet, Chipotle decided to not explain this in the slightest. Instead, itresponded with a pretty typical customer service response.

Chipotle’s response begs the question: What would ever make finding a chicken foot in your burrito bowl “right”?

Although we can’t be sure this picture is totally real, this is just the latest in a long string of bad publicity for Chipotle.

In the past year, Chipotle dealt with serious health problems. Last summer, the chain experienced a norovirus outbreak at one of its California restaurants. Then in the fall, people in Boston becamesick with norovirus from Chipotle.

Andthen the chain started having E. coli problems. Over 40 Chipotle locations were closed due to an E. coli outbreak. At least eight people were hospitalized because of it.

The CDC said the E. coli outbreak was over in early February. The chainclosed all itsstores for a day to review health safety procedures with employees.

But this apparently wasn’t enough to get customers, who were probably scared off by the health issues, back in full force. Over the last few months, Chipotle hasdone a series of giveawaysto try towin us all back.

But between virus outbreaks and now this horrifying image, is anyone seriously craving a burrito right now?

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